Spring has sprung!

Had a fantastic spring before the migration up river to spawn.  Big stripers were abundant and plentiful.   No doubt the best spring fishing on Keystone in years.  Now that the lake levels have dropped back down to normal and the stripers make there way back into the lake, it’s time to see what the end of spring holds for us as the stripers try to re-coupe some of their weight loss and gorge themselves before they move into deeper water during the heat of the summer.  Sand bass are just now coming back into the lake from the rivers by the ten’s of thousands and it is not uncommon to land a couple hundred in a single day.  Me and a buddy did just that this past week.  So if you don’t have any plans, and you want to get on some reel head shakers, give me call!


Off to a great start!

Man, I don’t know if I have ever seen the stripers this active this early in the season.  The warmer than normal temps this winter has the water warmer earlier in March than normal and the big boys have come out to play.   They are stacked up on top of one another on submerged humps and waiting to ambush a bait that gets in their face.  This has been one of the best springs fishing for stripers than I can remember.  End of March and we are sitting right at 57 degree water temps.  I’m betting they will be making their run up river starting next week.  We will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully stay on top of them for some more head shaking, rod bending, action.